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From Ashes She Rises

From Ashes She Rises

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By: Zoe Koulouris

From Ashes She Rises
is the memoiristic, lyrical journey spanning one woman’s life and love in concise, vivid, haiku imagery. Pinpointing colourful memories of childhood in a Canadian-immigrant home, drawing from strong Greek tradition in young adulthood, and navigating the whirlwind of falling in love with the wrong person, award-winning writer Zoë Koulouris takes us on a journey of the brokenness of heartache, rediscovering oneself and rising from the ashes. In the chocolate eyes of a little girl who looks to the future with an open heart, the passionate teen with the cherry-stained mouth and Spartan blood, and the classic beauty who unwittingly attracts predators of the heart, we can all see ourselves in the unique journey of a spirit who refuses to settle, choosing to embrace life over and over again.

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