Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Content:

Children's Books: We are actively seeking engaging and imaginative children's stories suitable for various age groups. Whether it is picture books, middle-grade fiction, or young adult novels, we welcome submissions that capture the essence of childhood wonder.

Autobiographies/Memoirs: Share your unique life journey with us. We are interested in autobiographies and memoirs that are compelling, inspiring, and provide valuable insights into the human experience.

Self-Help/Psychology: We welcome submissions with educational content and material that aims to improve the quality of life of its readers. Share your creative and engaging evidence-based expertise in a particular field or subject.

Other Genres: While our focus is on children's books, autobiographies, and self-help books, we are open to considering manuscripts from other genres that align with our mission. If your story has the power to captivate and bring joy to readers, we want to hear about it.

Submission Process:

Online Submissions Only: Please submit your manuscript by emailing us at We do not accept hard copy submissions.

Formatting: Ensure that your manuscript is formatted professionally. Use standard formatting conventions, including a readable font and appropriate line spacing.

Submission Period: Our submission period is currently open-ended and has no fixed deadline.

Cover Letter:

Include a Cover Letter. Along with your manuscript, include a brief cover letter introducing yourself and providing a synopsis of your work. Highlight what makes your story unique and why it aligns with Livres Agapé Books' mission. Please indicate if you have ever published others works (either self-published or via traditional outlets).

Simultaneous Submissions:

We understand that authors may submit their work to multiple publishers. Please inform us promptly if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

Response Time:

We aim to respond to submissions within eight weeks. If you have not heard from us after this period, please feel free to inquire about the status of your submission.


Livres Agapé Books typically acquires the rights to publish, distribute, and promote accepted manuscripts. Details will be outlined in the publishing contract.


Diverse Voices: At Livres Agapé Books, we value diversity and multilingualism. We encourage submissions from authors of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We accept manuscripts in English, French, and Greek.

Author Contact Information:

Include your current contact information in your submission so that we can reach out to you easily, as well as any related social media accounts that may be helpful for us to review.


Thank you for considering Livres Agapé Books for your manuscript. We look forward to discovering stories that bring joy to readers and make a lasting impact.