About Livres Agapé Books

Livres Agapé Books is an independent book publishing company and online bookstore. It was founded by Angela Kyparissis, Ph.D., a clinical and forensic psychologist, who is fascinated with people’s stories, whether true or invented.

As a publisher, our goal is to provide a platform for talented independent authors who are passionate about telling their stories. Our main publication focus is twofold: On the one hand, we publish children's books for our younger audience, and on the other hand, biographies/memoirs and self-help books aimed at our adult readers. We value creative freedom and encourage publication in multiple languages.

As a bookstore, we offer the main catalog of books published by Livres Agapé Books, as well as our original book accessories. The main catalogue also promotes self-published books sold on consignment. Through our affiliations with Les libraires and Amazon, our online store also features as a variety of other collections carefully selected by Dr. Angela. These consist not only of biographies, self-help, and children’s books, but also a mix of subjects, including fiction, literature, psychology, and thrillers/mystery, all of which she has read, loved, and recommended to others.

As a publisher and bookstore, Livres Agapé Books’ mission is about giving writers the voice to share the stories they love with an audience who will hopefully love to read them.