Why am I redirected to the website of Les libraires or Amazon, in order to buy certain books?

Only original titles published by Livres Agapé Books, book accessories, and books on consignment found on the Main Catalogue page can be directly purchased from this bookstore. To purchase any other book that we recommend in our Other Collections section, shoppers are redirected to our affiliates' websites (Les libraires or Amazon).

I am unable to complete my purchase. What should I do?

Unfortunately, only Canadian residents can make purchases directly through our site at this time. Customers living in a country other than Canada, are invited to email us through our Contact page. Please list any and all items that you are interested in, and we will gladly try to get an order out to you.

I have a paper gift certificate that was purchased at a pop-up store or special event. How can I use this certificate to purchase something from the online store?

Please email us through the Contact page the details on your gift certificate and we will provide you with a special code that you will be able to use at checkout, in order to receive a discount for the equivalent amount.

How can I publish my book with Livres Agapé Books?

If you are an aspiring children's book, biographical, or self-help author with a unique and interesting story to tell, your book may be considered for publication by Livres Agapé Books. Other categories of books may be considered if the story is remarkable and meets our high quality publication standards. Only full manuscripts will be reviewed. For further inquiries, please read our Submission Guidelines.

Does Livres Agapé Books have consignment at its store?

Yes, consignment is available on our website and at selected pop-up stores or special events. Consignment approval is at the discretion of the store manager. Please email us through our Contact page for our consignment package.