Meet Angela!

Meet Angela!

By profession, I, Angela Kyparissis, Ph.D., am a clinical and forensic psychologist, specialized in social behaviour. During my career, I have witnessed firsthand that the stories told by adults depend largely on how their experiences were shaped as children. In my line of work, these stories are unfortunately worse than anyone can ever imagine, and it is often easy to forget that adults who do horrible things were once small helpless children.

With the birth of my children, I realized just how precious and wonderful children are and how important it is to shape their minds in a meaningful way, so that they can grow up and become happy adults who thrive and contribute positively to society. As I put them to bed every night, I told them colourful and amusing stories with underlying positive messages.

This eventually led me to venture into children’s literature. I decided to turn the stories I told my children into books for parents to read to their own little ones. These stories aim at stimulating healthy mental and emotional development in children.

I founded Livres Agapé Books, an independent publishing house, one year ago, in early 2023. First, it was only for the sake of publishing my books. However, as a publishing company, I saw the potential in giving other talented authors who are passionate about telling their stories a platform of their own.

One year later, I am happy to say that my first book, The Dancing Darlings, released in three languages (English, French, & Greek) at the end of 2023 sold almost 200 copies in the first month. Another children's book, Love You Even When, written by Claudia Amato and illustrated by Jennifer Nozzolillo, is currently available for pre-order and two other authors have signed on to have their books published with Livres Agapé Books.

I am very excited to continue this adventure in 2024. The best is yet to come!
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